I hate washing my hair. I worship dry shampoo like I worship Oprah and Bacon. 


ok, ok, so when I do decide to wash my hair I make sure my shampoo is KICK ASS! 

I present, Phlip B's Peppermint and Avocado Volumizing and Clarifying Shampoo



There are a few things I look for in a shampoo:

+ DETOX !!! Cleans my nasty scalp from the pollution, product build-up, my all the other gross things, etc

+ Treats my scalp (Yes, scalp treatment is key - think dandruff, hair-loss, dry hair etc... that's all from having an unhealthy scalp) 

+ Lots of B-O-D-Y (volumize) 

+ Creates shine

+ Smells like a dream

Basically I need to be healthy + beautiful in one take and it better be affordable.

& this is my current obsession! You know the feeling of sleeping in freshly washed sheets after a long shitty week?

Take that feeling and transfer it over to how amazing your head of hair will feel after you use this shampoo. It has this invigorating cooling sensation on your scalp that lets you know all that nasty residue is being washed out! 

This is a must have to reboot your hair , think of this as a DETOX  from all the product build up & environmental grossness.



without conditioner, my hair = hay. 

I'm that girl that uses a hair mask on the daily (or whenever I wash, you know what I mean) 

But there's nothing I hate more than finally washing my hair after a week & it looking soooooo GREASY and heavy and just plain ol DISGUSTING. Granted its super clean and hydrated but it looks grosser than my 6 days of unwashed hair. Anyone else feel me on this? 

Deep conditioners that way hair down (make it look greasy af) need to be illegal. 

Well, I love following up with Philip B's Light-Weight Deep Conditioning Creme Rinse - Paraben Free Formula

+ The most important fact: This DOES NOT WEIGH HAIR DOWN, geez I have a lot of hair and I drench my locks with this amazing goodness without the fear, EVER. 

(After I drench this stuff, I use a wide tooth comb to make sure it's evenly distributed all ova ** FAVE TIME TO BRUSH MY HAIR BTW)

+ Depending on how long you leave it in for, it could be a deep conditioner (BOMB hair treatment)

+ Gives your hair strength

+ Soft gorgeous bounce 


ok babes, cheers to the best hair detox.