Let's be frank.

I wouldn't take my clothes off for anyone/anything.... except frank & maybe Oprah... but then it's gettin' weird?

(sorry some things just need to stay off the interwebz/be available to the masses)

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Sooooo I've been spending too much time with frank in babe town. He keeps my skin soft, new, and cellulite-free. (also target stretch marks, eczema, acne(body), psoriasis, varicose veins(holy shit)

It's winter for us babes in the states but this doesn't mean we should lack on our "look sexy af naked anytime, anywhere" mantra. My problem area is my upper thighs... when the gym day fades along with the cold nights... so does my sexy legs and gorgeous booty.

frank doesn't let that fly.

scrubbing with frank has actually kept my skin "renewed" it's really weird. sometimes in the winter if I lack my moisturizing game, my skin is really gross/lifeless/feels like the sahara desert (I hide under silk jam jams) and this keeps my skin stay sa$sy af. 

You can't lose with frank. He's made with coffee (dying, ground arabica coffee beans) and essential oils to keep your skin hydrated, toned, and treated! sexy skin year round is a must!

plus, he's simple:

get naked. get dirty. get rough. get clean.

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be careful.....because frank always brings out the most electrifying selfie taking goddess out of you & sometimes you don't even know it! and if you're a little shy but willing to explore the wild side...find out How To Take the Perfect frank Selfie here... feat yours turly ;)


what are you waiting for?

get frank here

also, I don't want you to have any fomo (fear of missing out) so hang out with frank here 

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the frank effect in full swing. see you soon, babe.