Pity Party For One, Please

I've been throwing myself a pity party all week. Being sick as an independent (young) adult blows. No one to baby me, sick days don't exist because work still has to be done & bills will still need to be paid. 

LOL, I've been sick all week and just feeling bad for myself to feel better about my situation ;)

So here is my how to take care of yourself when you're single & sick and away from your parents and just want to be alone post. 

1) Stock up on your favorite drink!  I like all my beverages super cold- so sometimes I would throw it in the freezer for 5 mins to get slushy.  Pressed Juicery has the best coconut water to ever exist. Better than NAKED (& NAKED has been my #1 for some time) ... It's fresh & you don't have to crack the coconut open and drain it and go through all the mess...If I could get an endless amount of coconut h2o IV in my veins- you best believe I would in a heartbeat!!! 

coconut-h2o-splash (1).png

Also- right now I am HEAD OVER HEELS obsessing over their Apple, Lemon, Ginger & Cayenne. If you had the Dynamite Shot at Wholefoods you would DIE over this juice! (p.s that little shot is $3.00 and this entire bottle is $6.50) This gives me that extra kick that I need. I love the sweet, spicy tingling mixture. So good for this cold- it's weirdly comforting. 


2) Stock up on SOUP!!!! Chicken Noodle, Tom Yum, Tom Kha, Udon whatever floats your boat. 

download (3).jpg

3) If you don't have a NetFlix x Hulu x HBOgo account start texting the homies and get yourself on the " I'm about to start a new show" mentality. There's an upshot to feeling like shit! You're going to catch up on some shows or start a new one! You need something with auto play because no one has time to look for stream links- especially when you're sick as it is. 

Pick your poison! Current faves are Scandal & Revenge, lol. SorryImNotSorry


4)  Yu-Be!!!! I've been blowing my nose and going through tissue boxes like bags of hot cheetos. Yu-Be is helping my skin stay soft and moisturized and wonderful. You know how your nose and skin starts to crack? This solves that problem before it can even start. Plus you can use it on your lips, hands, anywhere you need extra help!


5)  Pull out your favorite blanket & small personal heater. If you're lucky enough to have an asian friend growing up you would know where to get one of these!!!! (If you don't- you better start asking)

download (2).jpg

6)  If you don't have a job and could skip class... one word: nyquil. SHUT EVERYTHING OFF AND NYQUIL IT UP!!!!!


I hope my pity party steps were helpful! With that being said- don't get sick people!!!!!  Make emergen c your new bestie.