10 Things To Get Your Man For Da Holidays under $30

Bless online shopping. & Bless my guy friends with good taste. Here is my list of thangs to get your man this Holiday Season/His Birthday/Whatever without breaking your bank. 

1. Luxury Deodorant: $20-29 Top Picks: YSL, Polo, and D&G light blue

Let that sexy smell just linger all day... I love clean laundry and deodorant on a man. (Weirdo alert, sorry)  


2. Candles $5-$20

A cheap one for his bathroom (must have for me... his bathroom without a candle = GROSS)  & a sexy one for the bedroom (duh).

Think his office, work space, place for inspiration/relaxation.... 

GQ wrote an entire article with approved products for your dream boats: found here. So you fellas reading this post right now...it's ok to buy candles :) 


3. 2 in 1 products

Anthony For Men: Body Wash & Shampoo in one $22

One thing I know for sure. Men love quality products.... but going out to buy them...is a different story. So here is a rad sexy invigorating body wash that also doubles up as a shampoo! WIN! they love 2 in 1s. LOL No fuss, just clean sexiness. 


4. A good moisturizer

Jack Black's Double Duty w SPF $27

Your man needs a good moisturizer, period. Keep that gorgeous face of his hydrated and also protected! This bad boy comes with SPF 20 which means no wrinkles and ugly skin. No mess formula, it quickly absorbs into his skin so he can't even feel/tell he's wearing anything. Smells SEXY. 





5. New Calvin Trunks (low rise, lol) $30 with free overnight shipping, HOLLA.

duh. Fresh panties are always a must & we often forget about our dudes. Keep your man fresh ladies. Nothing saids hey baby like a fresh pair of calvins. He'll appreciate this one. 

Sidenote: Please don't get these for someone who you just met & have a crush on. It'll scream stage 5 clinger & that you're extremely thirsty. This is more for the ladies who've been committed but want to impress with the little things. 


6. A new book. 

The Art Of Happiness

Getting a good book is everything. I remember one sad winter I bought & read "The Art of Happiness" ...then packed my bags and bought a one way ticket to Chicago. Everything shifted for me and I had a new look on what I want and how I was going to make my dreams a reality. Came back to California so inspired and ready to hustle my little ass off. 

Get your man a new book. If he has a new hobby maybe buy him something on that... or his favorite xyz. Books are the shit. I wish more people gave me books. 


7. Duffle Bag $13


Gym, overnight, whatever...he should look good while traveling from A to B and it shouldn't cost too much. Another GQ article by andrew richdale: found here

8. Hat/Beanie $16.99 SHIPS FREE!


Neff Beanies Found Here/ Northface (my dad dies over this) $20

9. A mix CD. free-$10-$20

lol take it old school baby. It might be hard finding a blank CD but go ask your musician friends and get to work! That or buy him some dope albums. Like Songs About Jane!!! BEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME!!!!


10. ART- DIY- Free99

Painting, photos, frame something that means a lot to him.



Well... I hope this list was helpful. If all fails I guess you can watch Youtube Twerk Videos and get to work. LOL

happy holidays bb


photos courtesy of: sephora, GQ, amazon, zappos, andrew richdale for GQ,