Hope you're having an Oprah-tastic weekend

My best-friends from home are here for the weekend and the only thing that's been on our agenda is a FOOD TOUR. In the last 12 hours we've hit up 4 different places to grab food. Road to Seoul x Boba Time x Kyochon Chicken x Sparkling Moscato 

no bars, no clubs, no social gatherings......JUST FOOD. LOL

So.....Current vibez on this weekend: OPRAH, duh.

The fur, classic Chanel, waves, perfect red polish, and her arm candy. Oh shit & is that a glittery sequins dress underneath all that? 


Hope you're having an Oprah-tastic weekend as well.

I'll be drinking on a Sunday night and will cry about it Monday morning.



image courtesy of Jim Smeal/WireImage via BuzzFeed