How To Stay Sexy Off-Season

So the weather is gettin' a little colder and we're no longer struntin' what we got at vegas pool parties/the beach/any excuses not to wear clothes in public/etc.

BUT- we all should stay sexy year round right??? 

I love love love OILS! I wash my face with a cleansing oil, moisture and fight acne with another oil ...put amika oil in my hair... it's just an amazing way to stay hydrated and still get amazing skin benefits as well.

So what does staying sexy year round and oils have in common? Well, basq body oil is the shit ladies! It's going to keep your skin soft, toned, sexy, pretty much irresistible. You're going to smell great and be free of stretch marks/cellulite! 

Resilient Body Oil: Ok well this stuff is made for new mom/moms to help with stretch marks & pregnancy but I AM OBSESSED because it's a great toning body oil. I don't really have any cellulite but if I have too many cronuts / coffee bean ice blendeds/ dont get my ass to a workout class my upper thighs get a little gross... and untoned. 

With the proper "don't eat a cronut everyday and make sure to be active" & basq body oil my problem area on my thighs are free of stretch marks/cellulite!!! This stuff smells amazing, absorbs quickly & you can see a difference. 

Also, they have it in "calm" & this is my current favorite for the winter months. It's so comforting, relaxing...and great to apply after a hot bath. 

What are some of your tips to staying sexy off-season?