Weekend Vibez

My weekend vibez: Get crunk like J.T right here with my hand in the air like I don't care while my anthem playz (ignition remix, duh)


While wearing: Currently obsessed with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Matte Lip Tar in Anime. If you're a lover of pink lip stick you need this in your collection. It's loud, it's gorgeous and it doesn't go ANYWHERE. Long lasting and you don't need very much! It's my new favorite lip color I've been rocking all week.


Recovering with: LIQUID IV - I'm not much of a drinker because my hangovers are always so bad.. I'm talking about wasting an ENTIRE day in bed bad. BEING COMPLETELY USELESS bad. Sleeping on my bathroom floor bad. Looking at myself in the mirror and questioning my life decisions bad. Telling myself " I'M NEVER DRINKING AGAIN" while my face is hovering over the toilet bad. anyways, liquid iv is pretty much a gift from the heavens. I wished this was invented in college. You chug this bad boy before bed after a long night of drinking your face off and you wake up hydrated and hang-over free. (YES! NO THROW UP, lol ) Too good to be true? Well... imagine if pedialyte and Gatorade had an ivy league baby... that baby would be LIQUID IV. lol...all you hardcore party animals know that pedialyte is the beez kneez.  This formula is bad ass - you guys just gotta hit these guys up and try it for yourselves. 

prize-IV bottle.jpg

LOL I won't get turnt without Liquid IV in my fridge waiting for me & you shouldn't either!!!! 

 Cheers to the weekend babes.