Amazing hair starts with....

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Ok, let's talk hair. How often do we think about our scalp? Close to never right? Unless there's dandruff the scalp is neglected. The focus is on the dead dried hair on the ends...Sorry to break it to you but dry ends = it's too late, go chop it off.  

Lucky for you hope is not gone! I wash my hair 3x a week and at least once I will use a shampoo with salicylic acid in it.

My favorite one is by DCL: Salicylic Acid Shampoo


+ gentle exfoliating (like your face and any other part of your body, exfoliating is key)

+ helps with treating dandruff and psoriasis (extra plus) 

+ prevents buildup (gets rid of your dead skin cell buildup)

+ conditions the scalp

Also I follow up with DCL's Strengthening Conditioner 

+ Conditioner for dry & damaged hair

+ Restores shine and strength 

+ Hydration

Remember babes, amazing hair starts with a healthy scalp! Build up with your shampoo, hairsprays, oils, etc is a common problem so make sure you exfoliate your scalp!