I’m Thu. 

I’m a content creator, video producer, host and blogger who has created branded content for brands such as DermStore, Lorac Cosmetics, Tarte Cosmetics, Sunday Riley, Harry Josh Pro Tools and many more. I’m also a social media strategist and digital media consultant, helping brands grow their presence and content online. 

During summer 2016 I won StubHub’s #FestivalPro contest, where I was able to fly around and cover seven events in six cities in five weeks. I got to share the entire experience on Snapchat and even made it on Snapchat’s Live Story TWICE! One snap reached 6.5 million views overnight.

In my free time, I’m a blogger here at lazygirlglam, where I get to share my inspirations and get creative. I’m still waiting for MTV’s TRL to make a return to television or digital media, but in the mean time, I’ll share my favorite music here!

I also love to travel—being able to learn about myself and the world around us makes me feel alive! My favorite thing in the world is meeting new people and listening to their stories while I’m eating my way through a new city. I love taking photos of my adventures and documenting my experiences on social media like Snapchat. 

Follow me on social! // Instagram: @lazygirlglam Snapchat: @thuprah 

My Likes: thu drink minimum, being so deeply + emotionally invested in a book, taking photos for strangers (I’m the best, you should ask me to direct + shoot you sometime), packing two hours before a flight, ordering too many things on Amazon, always having an upcoming trip on lock, music videos, crushed ice in any beverage and hand holding. 


My Dislikes: people who litter - people who throw shade - people who are all talk. 

Hopefully you’re not the type of person that throws trash out their car window!! 

If you’re cool + thoughtful… I would love to connect with you! I’m always available for freelance work. 

Email me at thu@lazygirlglam.com and let’s get creative together!